Wordable In-Depth Review: Features, Pricing & Alternatives (2023 Updated)

Welcome to our in-depth review of Wordable! In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of Wordable's features, pricing strategies, and alternatives. Whether you're an agency, in-house marketing team, publisher, or writer/editor, this review will help you understand how Wordable can simplify your content publishing process. Let's dive in and explore the key aspects of Wordable!

Wordable Review: What is Wordable

Wordable is a B2B SaaS product that offers a solution for publishing perfectly-optimized content in just one click. It is designed to simplify the process of formatting and optimizing content for publication, saving users time and effort.

Wordable Review: How can it be used?

Wordable can be used by various user profiles to streamline their content publishing workflows. Here are some examples:

  • Agencies: Wordable allows agencies to juggle multiple client sites and save each client's preferences, making it easier to manage and publish content for different clients.
  • In-House Marketing Teams: In-house marketing teams can use Wordable to publish content to their websites or blogs, ensuring that the content is properly formatted and optimized for SEO.
  • Publishers/Affiliate Sites: Wordable helps publishers and affiliate sites manage distributed writing teams while posting a high volume of content each month. It allows them to maintain consistency in their publishing process.
  • Writers/Editors: Writers and editors can use Wordable to upload their content from Google Docs and seamlessly transfer it to WordPress or other CMS platforms. It ensures correct formatting, including media upload, and provides the ability to add image alts and publish or set the content to draft.

Wordable Review: Who is it for?

Wordable can be beneficial for the following user profiles:

  • SaaS teams looking to publish content on their English site and then republish translated content on multilingual sites.
  • Publishers and affiliate sites that need to manage distributed writing teams and publish content frequently.
  • Agencies that handle multiple client sites and want to save each client's preferences for content publishing.
  • Affiliates who want to scale their content publishing across multiple sites using the same settings.

Wordable Features

Wordable offers a range of features to simplify the content publishing process:

  • Publish as different post types or pages
  • Set the post URL, category, byline, and more
  • Import images into your Media Library
  • Compress images, set their filename, and alt text
  • And much more!

Wordable Pricing

Wordable offers different pricing options to meet the needs of different users:

  • Free: The free plan allows users to sign up for free and use the basic features of Wordable. No credit card is required.
  • DIY Plan: Starting at $50 per month, this plan provides access to additional features and allows users to manage their content publishing tasks themselves.
  • Managed Service Plan: Starting at $500 per month, this plan offers a managed service with a concierge team, custom tasks in your CMS, 24-hour guaranteed exports, and unlimited revisions.

For more detailed pricing information, it is recommended to get in touch with the Wordable sales team.

Wordable Alternatives

While Wordable is a powerful tool for content publishing, there are also alternatives available in the market. Some alternatives to consider are:

  • Jetpack: Jetpack offers a Google Docs add-on for content publishing.
  • Other alternatives: [Insert your own alternatives here]

Wordable Review: Pros & Cons

Pros of using Wordable:

  • Simplifies the content publishing process
  • Saves time and effort
  • Ensures correct formatting and optimization for SEO
  • Offers a range of features to customize the publishing process


Wordable is a valuable tool for streamlining the content publishing process. It offers a range of features that make it easy to format and optimize content for publication. Whether you are an agency, in-house marketing team, publisher, or writer/editor, Wordable can help you save time and publish perfectly-optimized content with just one click.

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