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I interview SaaS founders on my podcast, where I ask them everything about their company. I get real metrics like ARR, ACV, Churn rate etc. & I also deep dive into their exact implemented processes.

When i comes to growth, most of the SaaS founders today end up investing time in few acquisition channels that they understand well (or) takes a shot in the dark. Both of these are not optimal.

I believe using data is the best way to go forward.

If you can read about what worked & what didn't for 10-15 companies, who were in your exact shoes once ( similar MRR, similar market, similar industry, similar ticket size etc. ), you will have a much better idea about approaching your own acquisition. You can start making data backed decisions (without actually experimenting and failing ) & make this process more predictable.

I use these interviews to extract such insights & patterns to help out SaaS founders make better decisions.

I also blog about various opinions that I form during my journey. From picking a market, building a product, getting first customers till growing to 5 MN ARR, I write content to help out SaaS founders at all of these stages.

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