Responster In-Depth Review: Features, Pricing & Alternatives (2023 Updated)

Hey there! Upendra Varma here, and today I'm going to dive into an in-depth review of Responster, a powerful online survey tool. Whether you're a business owner, a market researcher, or just someone who loves data, Responster has got you covered. So let's get started!

Responster Review: What is Responster?

Responster is a B2B SaaS product that allows you to design and share engaging surveys in minutes. With Responster, you can easily create surveys that are visually appealing and interactive. Say goodbye to boring surveys with tiny text and misbehaving buttons!

Responster Review: How can it be used?

Responster is a versatile tool that can be used by a variety of users and customer segments. Here are a few examples of how Responster can be used:

  • Customer Feedback: Want to understand your customers better and improve your business? Responster's customer satisfaction surveys can help you gather actionable insights to better serve your target market.
  • Employee Engagement: Keep your employees happy and engaged with Responster's employee engagement surveys. Get feedback on their experiences and make informed decisions to improve their work environment.
  • Event & Conference: Planning an event or conference? Use Responster to collect feedback from attendees and make improvements for future events.
  • Product & Marketing: Responster's surveys can help you gather valuable insights about your products and marketing strategies. Get feedback from your target audience and make data-driven decisions to crush the competition.

Responster Review: Who is it for?

Responster is a tool that can be used by a wide range of users. Here are a few examples of user profiles who can benefit from Responster:

  • Business Owners: Gather feedback from your customers and employees to improve your products and services.
  • Market Researchers: Use Responster to collect data and insights for your research projects.
  • Event Planners: Get feedback from attendees to improve future events and conferences.
  • Marketing Professionals: Use Responster to gather feedback on your marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Responster Features

Now let's take a look at some of the key features that Responster offers:

  • Simple Setup: Responster makes it easy to set up surveys and start collecting data in no time.
  • Painless Collection: Collect responses from your target audience through various channels like web links, social media, and embedded surveys on your website.
  • Actionable Insights: Responster provides you with real-time insights and reporting, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the data you collect.
  • Mobile: Access Responster on any browser or use the native Android or iOS app to reach your audience wherever they are.
  • Social: Easily share your surveys on your website or social media channels using Responster's integrated sharing tools.
  • Connected: Responster integrates with other tools you already use, allowing you to create custom solutions that suit your needs.
  • Human: Responster's team provides world-class support, ensuring that you have the assistance you need whenever you need it.

Responster Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Responster offers different plans to suit your needs. Here are a few options:

  • Free: This plan includes one user, unlimited surveys, and up to 1000 responses per survey.
  • Plus: For $25 per month, you get additional features like conditional logic, custom branding, and data export.
  • Premium: The premium plan, priced at $49 per month, includes all the features of the Plus plan, along with additional features like custom background images and multiple fonts.

Please note that the pricing information mentioned here is subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing details, I recommend reaching out to Responster's sales team.

Responster Alternatives

If Responster doesn't meet your specific needs, there are a few alternative survey tools you can consider:

  • SurveyMonkey: A popular online survey tool that offers a wide range of features and integrations.
  • Typeform: Known for its beautiful and interactive surveys, Typeform is a great option for creating engaging questionnaires.
  • Google Forms: If you're looking for a free option, Google Forms is a solid choice. It's easy to use and integrates seamlessly with other Google tools.

Please note that these alternatives are just a few examples, and there are many other survey tools available in the market. It's always a good idea to research and compare different options to find the one that best fits your needs.

Responster Review: Pros & Cons

Like any tool, Responster has its pros and cons. Here's a quick overview:


  • User-friendly interface that makes it easy to create and share surveys.
  • Mobile-friendly design allows you to reach your audience wherever they are.
  • Integration with other tools and platforms for seamless data management.
  • Responsive customer support team that is always ready to assist you.


  • Pricing can be a bit on the higher side for certain users.
  • Some advanced features may require technical knowledge to implement effectively.


In conclusion, Responster is a powerful online survey tool that can help you gather actionable insights and make data-driven decisions. Whether you're a business owner, a market researcher, or an event planner, Responster has the features and flexibility you need to create engaging surveys and collect valuable data.

If you're interested in learning more about Responster or other SaaS products, be sure to check out my blog at I regularly review and share insights on various SaaS tools to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Thanks for reading, and happy surveying!


Upendra Varma

Upendra Varma

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