40 demos a month. One of the best LinkedIn B2B case studies.

40 demos a month. One of the best LinkedIn B2B case studies.

In this article, I deeply analyse how Joran of Reditus is using cold outreach on LinkedIn to book around 40 demos a week, with connection sent to demo booked rate around 5%. I analyse his product, what he has to offer & how he induces curiosity while he reach out to cold leads on LinkedIn. I will also showcase his conversion funnel & the exact process he uses for linkedin outreach to his B2B audience. This is definitely one of the most successful & best linkedin b2b case studies out there.

Why do we need LinkedIn B2B Case studies ?

It’s very well known in the B2B space that cold outreach is one of the best acquisition channels, especially when you’re just starting out. Cold outreach over email used to be very popular back in the day. But over time, with most of the email providers opening up APIs for developers to automate sending mail, things started to change. Spam got increased & efficiency of email outreach gradually decreased. Don’t get me wrong. Email outreach still works out very well, if you are personalising it & tailoring your message to your recipient. But not if you are going to blast 1000s of emails without personalising.

Social selling has become pretty popular these days, with founders tapping into audience that they have built over years on various platforms like LinkedIn. It’s known that acceptance rate when reaching out to unknown people ( cold leads ) on these platform is much higher than via email. May be because you already have built credibility with lots of followers & content, that’s visible clearly, when compared to email.

But how does one do this ? Who should you reach out to ? What works when you are sending a connection requests ? How do you ask them to book a demo with you ?

Using real case studies which analyse founders who have successfully executed is one of the best way to find answers to above questions. We can tap into their learnings to ensure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes & increase our odds of success. I hope real life linkedin b2b case studies like this can provide you few key insights to help you in your journey.

What is Reditus ?

Reditus is an affiliate management tool, purely focused on b2b SaaS companies. It helps them to grow by basically leveraging somebody else’s network. They either pay to use the software (or) to get listed in the marketplace, which helps them to find new affiliates or affiliates find them.

What stage is it at ?

Reditus was launched officially around the end of 2021 & it’s been 8-9 months when I did this analysis. They have around 16 paying B2B SaaS customers & are doing around 25K in ARR ( annual recurring revenue ) for the SaaS product. They also have around 1500 affiliates onboarded to their affiliate marketplace.

Why LinkedIn outreach ?

Joran (founder) has already started writing content so that SEO can start bringing him organic leads. But this is going to take time. He wants something the can give him results in the immediate future. He has around 10K followers on LinkedIn & wanted an acquisition channel which will give his quick results in the short run. He wanted to tap into these followers & reach out to newer ones with the credibility he built over years on linkedIn. He primarily talks to founders at companies which are smaller than his size. The thought process here is that, at smaller companies decision makers are few & things move faster.

How does the conversion funnel look like ?

For around 200 requests that they send on linkedIn every week, they manage to book around 10 demo meetings a week. That’s around 5% conversion rate to demos.

LinkedIn Outreach Funnel of LinkedIn B2B Case Study.

How does the process look like ?

He doesn’t use any linkedIn automated tools like Expandi or SalesRobot. He uses a VA ( virtual assistant ) to help him with this outreach. He shares his LinkedIn profile details and login, and VA basically started reaching out to these founders.

Why not personalise the connection request ?

The initial request is not personalised at all, as he found that personalising at the top of funnel is not worth the time. Also, it sort of induces curiosity & lets people checkout the profile & accept the request.

How to convert connection acceptance to demo bookings ?

Once someone accepts a request, they would start messaging them, but in a manual & personalised way. They did not go into sales mode right away. The message would be like,

“We’re working on an intricate SaaS project at the moment, would you like to learn more about it?

Starting with a question, not selling. And then if they show interest, then Joran would give a small pitch as to what they do. Simply asking them,

Are you interested in learning more? If yes, let’s book a demo”.

And that was the end goal, booking at demo.

Key learnings of this linkedIn B2B case study

  • Don’t personalise when sending connection requests as it induces curiosity & it’s also too much of an effort
  • Start manual conversations once someone accepts a request
  • Don’t start selling right away
  • Make them curious about what you are doing & how it can help them out. Only then start pitching.


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