Facilethings Pricing & Plans (2023 Updated)

Hey there, time warriors! Are you tired of constantly juggling tasks and projects, desperately trying to get a grip on your time? Well, worry no more because Facilethings is here to save the day! In this blog post, we're going to dive into the pricing plans of FacileThings and help you decide which one is the perfect fit for you. So, let's get started and reclaim your precious time!

FacileThings Pricing: Plans

FacileThings offers a range of plans to cater to different needs. Here's a breakdown of each plan:

1. Basic Plan: This plan is perfect for individuals who want to manage their personal tasks and projects. It includes all the essential features like task management, project tracking, and integration with popular tools like email, Google Calendar, and Evernote.

2. Premium Plan: If you're a power user who needs advanced features to handle complex projects, the Premium Plan is for you. In addition to all the features of the Basic Plan, you'll also get access to advanced integrations with tools like MS OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Plus, you'll have 5GB of storage space for your reference files.

3. Business Plan: Designed for teams and small businesses, the Business Plan offers everything in the Premium Plan along with additional collaboration features. You can easily delegate tasks, track team progress, and communicate seamlessly with your colleagues.

FacileThings Pricing: Which plan to pick?

Now that we know the different plans, it's time to decide which one suits you best. Here are my recommendations based on different use cases:

1. If you're an individual looking to boost your personal productivity, the Basic Plan should be sufficient. It has all the necessary features to help you stay organized and on top of your tasks.

2. For professionals or freelancers who handle multiple projects and need advanced integrations, the Premium Plan is the way to go. You'll have access to a wide range of tools to streamline your workflow.

3. If you're part of a team or a small business, the Business Plan is the ideal choice. It provides all the collaboration features you need to work together efficiently and achieve your goals.

FacileThings Pricing: Is it for you?

Now, you might be wondering if FacileThings is the right fit for you. Well, let me give you a little sneak peek into my in-depth review of FacileThings on my blog. I've covered all the nitty-gritty details and shared my personal experience using the platform. You can check it out facilethings review.

Whether you're an individual, a company, or belong to a specific industry, FacileThings has something to offer. Its flexibility and wide range of features make it adaptable to various user profiles and needs.


Well, my fellow time warriors, we've reached the end of our journey through the pricing plans of FacileThings. Now, it's time for you to make a decision and take back control of your time. Remember, FacileThings offers a 30-day free trial, so you can give it a spin without any obligations.

If you're hungry for more SaaS reviews and insights, don't forget to check out my blog saas blog. Happy time management, everyone!


Upendra Varma

Upendra Varma

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