Buffer In-Depth Review: Features & Alternatives (2023 Updated)

Hey there! Welcome to my in-depth review of Buffer, the social media management tool that helps you plan, collaborate, and publish thumb-stopping content. If you're looking for an affordable and intuitive marketing tool to grow your audience on social media and beyond, Buffer might just be the perfect fit for you. So, let's dive right in!

Buffer Review: What is Buffer

Buffer is a B2B SaaS product that provides marketing tools for individuals and teams to manage their social media presence. With Buffer, you can easily plan and schedule your social media posts, analyze performance, engage with your audience, and even create a customized landing page to showcase your brand.

Buffer Review: How can it be used?

Buffer can be used by a wide range of users, from individuals looking to build their personal brand to businesses aiming to grow their online presence. Whether you're a social media manager, a content creator, or a marketing team, Buffer offers features and tools that can streamline your workflow, save you time, and help you achieve your goals.

For individuals, Buffer can be used to schedule and publish content on multiple social media platforms, analyze performance to optimize strategies, and engage with your audience through comments and messages.

For businesses, Buffer can be a valuable tool for collaboration, with features like permissions levels and approval flows that allow teams to work together seamlessly. Additionally, Buffer's analytics and reporting tools help businesses track their social media performance and make data-driven decisions.

Buffer Review: Who is it for?

Buffer is a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of users. Here are some of the user profiles that can benefit from using Buffer:

  • Social media managers: Buffer provides all the necessary tools to efficiently manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts, and engage with the audience.
  • Content creators: Buffer's AI Assistant can help generate ideas, repurpose posts, and rewrite copy, making it easier for content creators to consistently produce high-quality content.
  • Marketing teams: Buffer's collaboration features allow marketing teams to work together effectively, with the ability to assign tasks, set permissions, and approve content.
  • Small businesses: Buffer's affordable pricing plans make it a great option for small businesses looking to establish and grow their online presence without breaking the bank.

Buffer Features

Buffer offers a range of features that can help you streamline your social media management. Here are some of the key features offered by Buffer:


  • Plan, schedule, and publish content across multiple social media platforms.
  • Get suggestions on when and what to publish to maximize engagement.


  • Analyze social media performance and create reports to track your progress.
  • Gain insights into your audience, reach, and engagement.


  • Easily navigate and respond to comments and messages from your audience.
  • Strengthen your connection with your audience by actively engaging with them.

Start Page

  • Build a customized landing page in minutes to showcase your brand and important information.

AI Assistant

  • Generate content ideas, repurpose posts, and rewrite copy with just a click.
  • Take advantage of AI-powered features to save time and boost creativity.

Integration with Various Platforms

  • Buffer integrates with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

Buffer Plans

Buffer offers different pricing plans to cater to different needs. Here's a quick overview of their plans:


  • Perfect for individuals and businesses getting started with social media.
  • Connect up to 3 channels.
  • Includes planning and publishing tools, as well as a landing page builder.


  • Ideal for professionals who need publishing, analytics, and engagement tools.
  • Add additional channels for $6/month.
  • Includes all features from the Free plan, plus engagement tools and analytic reports.


  • Designed for teams who want unlimited users, collaboration, and reporting.
  • Add additional channels for $12/month.
  • Includes all features from the Essentials plan, plus unlimited team members, client management, and draft collaboration tools.


  • Tailored for marketing agencies with 10 or more channels.
  • $120/month for 10 channels, with additional channels available for $12/month.
  • Includes all features from the Team plan, plus custom access and permissions, and agency-friendly pricing.

For a more in-depth review of Buffer's pricing, check out my blog at buffer pricing.

Buffer Alternatives

If Buffer doesn't meet your requirements or if you're looking for alternatives, here are a few options you can consider:

  • Hootsuite: A popular social media management tool with similar features to Buffer.
  • Sprout Social: A comprehensive social media management platform with advanced analytics and collaboration features.
  • Later: A visual social media planner with a focus on Instagram scheduling and management.
  • MeetEdgar: A social media scheduling tool that focuses on content recycling and evergreen content.

For a detailed comparison of Buffer and its alternatives, check out my blog at saas blog.

Buffer Review: Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Affordable pricing plans, especially for individuals and small businesses.
  • Robust analytics and reporting features.
  • Excellent collaboration and team management tools.
  • AI Assistant for generating content ideas and repurposing posts.


  • Limited features in the Free plan.
  • Some users may find the analytics and reporting features to be basic compared to other tools.
  • The AI Assistant feature is still in beta and may not meet everyone's expectations.


Buffer is a valuable social media management tool that offers a range of features to help individuals and businesses build their brand on social media. With its affordable pricing plans, intuitive interface, and collaboration tools, Buffer makes it easy to streamline your social media workflow and grow your audience.

If you're looking for a tool to help you plan, publish, and analyze your social media content, Buffer is definitely worth considering. However, it's always a good idea to explore different options and find the one that best suits your specific needs.

I hope you found this in-depth review helpful! If you're interested in more reviews and insights on various SaaS products, be sure to check out my blog at saas blog.

Happy social media managing!


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