Shop-ware Pricing & Plans (2023 Updated)

Hey there, fellow auto enthusiasts! Today, we're going to dive into the world of auto repair software and explore the pricing plans offered by Shop-ware. If you're looking for professional-grade tools to supercharge your auto shop, then you've come to the right place. So buckle up and let's get started!

Shop-Ware offers a range of pricing plans to cater to every kind of shop, size, and budget. Whether you're a mobile diagnostician, a new shop on a budget, a high-performing efficiency seeker, or an advanced operator, Shop-Ware has got you covered. And the best part? You can upgrade or change your plan anytime to suit your evolving needs. Talk about flexibility!

Let's take a closer look at the different plans and what they have to offer:

Mobile/Diag Plan – $135/mo

This plan is perfect for mobile diagnosticians and solo operators who perform specialized services. For just $135 per month, you get a host of features including unlimited repair orders, intelligent canned jobs, digital vehicle inspections, and real-time RO share/chat. It's like having your own personal pit crew right in your pocket!

Startup Plan – $225/mo

If you're a new shop or a smaller shop on a budget, the Startup Plan is tailor-made for you. At $225 per month, you'll get all the essential features like unlimited repair orders, digital vehicle inspections, real-time RO parts status and alerts, and integrated parts ordering. It's the perfect plan to kickstart your shop's success without breaking the bank.

Journey Plan – $334/mo

For high-performing shops seeking maximum efficiency, the Journey Plan is the way to go. Priced at $334 per month, this plan includes all the features of the Startup Plan plus additional perks like inventory management, financial reporting, and employee tracking and timeclocks. It's like having a turbo boost for your shop's productivity!

Master Plan – $445/mo

If you're an advanced operator who needs the best of the best while working on the business, not in the business, then the Master Plan is your go-to option. Priced at $445 per month, this plan includes all the features of the Journey Plan plus a range of premium offerings like MOTOR estimator, GP Optimizer, and custom reports. It's the ultimate toolset for shop owners who demand excellence.

Now that we've explored the different plans, you might be wondering which one is the right fit for you. Well, fear not! I've got some recommendations based on various use cases and price points:

  • Mobile/Diag Plan: If you're a mobile diagnostician or a solo operator who performs specialized services, this plan offers everything you need at an affordable price.
  • Startup Plan: For new shops or smaller shops on a budget, this plan provides all the essential features to get your shop up and running smoothly.
  • Journey Plan: If you're a high-performing shop looking to maximize efficiency, this plan offers a comprehensive set of tools to streamline your operations and boost productivity.
  • Master Plan: For advanced operators who demand the best, this plan provides a premium suite of features to take your shop to the next level.

Now, you might be wondering if Shop-Ware is the right choice for your specific needs. While I can't answer that question for you, I've written an in-depth review article on my blog that covers all the ins and outs of Shop-Ware. You can find it shop ware review. It might just help you make an informed decision!

In conclusion, Shop-Ware offers a range of pricing plans to suit every shop, size, and budget. Whether you're a mobile diagnostician, a new shop, a high-performing efficiency seeker, or an advanced operator, there's a plan for you. So why wait? Head over to their website at saas blog.

Remember, investing in the right tools can transform your shop into a well-oiled machine. So go ahead, give Shop-Ware a try, and watch your auto repair business thrive!

Happy repairing,

Upendra Varma


Upendra Varma

Upendra Varma

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