ProductLift In-Depth Review: Features, Pricing & Alternatives (2023 Updated)

Welcome to our in-depth review of ProductLift, a feedback management tool designed for SaaS products. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at ProductLift’s features, pricing, and alternatives in 2023.

What is ProductLift?

ProductLift is a feedback management tool designed to help SaaS product managers gather and prioritize customer feedback. It enables users to collect feedback from multiple channels, including email, in-app feedback, and social media, and consolidates it all into a single location. With ProductLift, users can prioritize feedback based on multiple criteria and create a product roadmap that reflects their customers’ needs.

How can ProductLift be used?

ProductLift can be used to streamline the feedback management process for SaaS products. It enables users to collect feedback from multiple sources, prioritize it based on multiple criteria, and use it to create a product roadmap. With ProductLift, users can keep track of feature requests, engage with their customers, and keep them updated on product releases and changes.

Who can use ProductLift?

ProductLift is ideal for SaaS product managers and teams who want to streamline their feedback management process. It can be used by startups, small businesses, and large enterprises alike. Product managers, designers, developers, and customer support teams can all benefit from using ProductLift.

ProductLift Features

Centralize feedback

ProductLift allows users to collect and organize feedback from multiple sources, including email, in-app feedback, and social media. It provides a central location for all feedback, making it easy to keep track of feature requests and prioritize them based on customer data.


ProductLift enables users to host feature discussions with their team and customers. Internal notes can be added to feature requests, and users can email voters to start a discussion. This feature helps users understand the reason behind feature requests and what their customers really need.

Prioritize Features

ProductLift helps users find impactful features with accurate data and build their roadmap. With flexible prioritization criteria and a prioritization matrix, users can understand which features are essential and which ones are not.


ProductLift allows users to announce new updates and product changes to enhance feature adoption from day one. Users can send voters an update via email and give their customers an overview of their profiles where they can see which ideas they follow.


ProductLift enables users to get everyone on the same page with their product roadmap. Users can categorize approved features into a well-planned, organized list and structure it however they like.


ProductLift offers custom design options, custom tabs, and custom statuses, making it hyperflexible for any product’s needs.


ProductLift integrates with the tools users already use to help them build better products. It offers integrations with Slack, Amazon SES, Webhooks, Mailgun, and API.


ProductLift is available in several languages and can be added in one week if a language is missing.

ProductLift Pricing

ProductLift pricing starts from $15 per month for 200 tracked users and 3 team members. The Rocket plan is $39/month for growing teams up to 2K tracked users, while the Spaceship plan is $75/month for large teams with unlimited users. Each plan includes features like voting boards, widgets, roadmaps, changelogs, internal comments, and custom domains.

Alternatives to ProductLift

There are several alternatives to ProductLift.

  • Amplitude Analytics: A comprehensive analytics platform that provides insights into user behavior and helps businesses make data-driven decisions.
  • Pendo: A product analytics platform that helps businesses understand user behavior and improve product adoption and retention.
  • Mixpanel: A product analytics platform that allows businesses to understand how users interact with their products and make data-driven decisions.
  • Heap: A product analytics platform that automatically captures and tracks user behavior data, allowing businesses to analyze and understand user behavior.
  • Smartlook: A tool that provides businesses with session replays and heatmaps to help them understand how users interact with their product.
  • Totango: A customer success platform that helps businesses track and manage customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • LogRocket: A tool that provides businesses with session replay and error logging capabilities to help them understand user behavior and identify and resolve issues.
  • Mouseflow: A tool that provides businesses with session replays, heatmaps, and funnels to help them understand how users interact with their product.

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