Marketgoo Pricing & Plans (2023 Updated)

Hey there! Upendra Varma here, and today I want to talk to you about the pricing of Marketgoo. If you're looking for a in-depth and fun way to improve your website's SEO, then MarketGoo might just be the tool for you. So, let's dive into the pricing plans and see which one suits your needs.

First things first, head over to to check out their website and get a feel for what they offer.

MarketGoo Pricing: Plans

MarketGoo offers two main plans: marketgoo Lite and marketgoo PRO. Let's take a closer look at each one.

marketgoo Lite

This plan is perfect for starters who are new to SEO. It's available only through MarketGoo's partners, so you'll need to check with them for pricing details. With marketgoo Lite, you get an SEO tool that provides a basic overview of your website's performance and issues. It's a great way to dip your toes into the world of SEO.

marketgoo PRO

Now, if you're serious about improving your website's SEO, marketgoo PRO is the way to go. For just $29.97 per month (or save 20% with annual billing), you'll get access to a complete SEO plan tailored to your specific needs. Let me break down the features for you:

  • SEO Report: Get an instant overview of your website's SEO performance and the issues holding you back from appearing in search results.
  • Custom SEO Plan with tasks: marketgoo PRO provides you with a personalized SEO plan that includes step-by-step instructions for each task. It's like having an SEO expert by your side.
  • Updated Report & Plan: Your SEO plan and reports are continuously updated, so you always have the latest information.
  • Monthly Progress Report: Track your SEO improvement with monthly reports that show your progress over time.
  • Optimization Tool for each Page: Optimize your pages with marketgoo's keyword tool, which guides you through the process of optimizing each page on your site.
  • Keyword Tracking & Optimizing: Keep an eye on your keyword rankings and optimize your content accordingly.
  • Competitor Monitoring: Compare your SEO efforts to up to 4 of your main competitors and see how you stack up.
  • Priority Support: As a marketgoo PRO user, you'll get priority email support and scheduled calls to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

MarketGoo Pricing: Which plan to pick?

Now that you know the details of each plan, you're probably wondering which one to choose. Let me help you out.

If you're just starting out and want to get a taste of what SEO is all about, marketgoo Lite is a great option. It's affordable and provides you with a basic understanding of your website's SEO performance.

However, if you're serious about improving your website's SEO and want to take it to the next level, I highly recommend going for marketgoo PRO. The personalized SEO plan, step-by-step instructions, and advanced features make it worth the investment.

MarketGoo Pricing: Is it for you?

Now, let's talk about who should consider using MarketGoo.

  • If you're a local business looking to attract more clients, MarketGoo's SEO strategies can help you grow your business.
  • If you have an eCommerce site and want to increase your traffic and convert more visitors into customers, MarketGoo's SEO tools are a must-have.
  • If you're a blogger and want to make your blog more visible to your target audience, MarketGoo can help you optimize your content and increase your visibility in search engines.
  • Even if you have a corporate site and your main goal is to showcase your brand and company, working on your SEO is essential to improve your online presence.

If any of these profiles match your needs, MarketGoo could be the perfect fit for you.

And hey, if you want to dive deeper into MarketGoo and learn more about its features and benefits, make sure to check out my in-depth review article on my blog marketgoo review.


So there you have it, a closer look at MarketGoo's pricing plans and which one might be right for you. If you're serious about improving your website's SEO and want a tool that provides a step-by-step plan to guide you, marketgoo PRO is the way to go.

And don't forget to visit my blog saas blog for more SaaS reviews and recommendations.

Happy optimizing!


Upendra Varma

Upendra Varma

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