Hiver In-Depth Review: Features, Pricing & Alternatives (2023 Updated)

Are you looking for a solution to streamline your team’s operations and enhance productivity? Look no further than Hiver. This innovative solution integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, offering a suite of tools catering to diverse needs such as customer service, finance, IT, and more. In this in-depth review, we’ll explore Hiver’s features, pricing, pros and cons, and potential alternatives. Join us as we dive into the world of Hiver and discover how it can help optimize your team’s performance.

Hiver Review: What is Hiver?

Hiver is an innovative solution designed to seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace, aiming to enhance and simplify various operations such as Customer Service, Finance, People, and IT. With a focus on collaboration, automation, and analytics, Hiver looks to redefine how teams manage and respond to their daily tasks and challenges.

Hiver Review: How can it be used?

Users can leverage Hiver in various ways:

  • Email Management: Streamline your email processes, ensuring efficient communication.
  • Collaboration: Boost teamwork and break silos with collaborative tools.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Gain insights into operations, identify strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Automation: Minimize repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more strategic activities.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Ensure you can reach and be reached via numerous channels, enhancing accessibility.

Hiver Review: Who is it for?

Hiver’s vast suite of tools caters to:

  • Customer Service Teams: Offering solutions like a multi-channel helpdesk to efficiently handle customer queries.
  • Finance Departments: Tools like the Manage AR/AP function ensure streamlined financial processes.
  • Information Technology Teams: Offering IT-specific solutions to handle tech-based queries and challenges.
  • Operations and Client Services: Enhance client relations and smooth out operational wrinkles.

Hiver Features

Diving into Hiver’s core features, we find:

  • Email Management: Efficiently categorize, assign, and track emails to ensure no communication is lost.
  • Collaboration Tools: Work seamlessly across teams, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  • Automation: Set rules to automatically categorize, assign, or flag emails and tasks.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Visualize your performance, track metrics, and generate reports.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Expand your reach, ensuring you can communicate across multiple platforms.

Hiver Pricing

For those interested in pricing details, it would be best to get in touch with the Hiver sales team for comprehensive information regarding their packages and costs.

Hiver Alternatives

Here are some potential alternatives to consider:

  • Front: Front offers a shared inbox that allows teams to manage email, social media, SMS, and chat in one place. Its collaboration features include the ability to assign conversations, leave internal comments, and work together on replies. Front also offers automation features such as rules and templates to streamline workflows.
  • Zendesk: Zendesk offers a suite of tools for customer service, sales, and engagement. Its core features include a ticketing system, live chat, and help center. Zendesk also offers collaboration features such as shared views and team dashboards, as well as automation features such as triggers and macros.
  • Freshdesk: Freshdesk offers a helpdesk for customer service, with features such as ticket management, knowledge base, and community forums. Its collaboration features include the ability to collaborate on tickets, share private notes, and assign tickets. Freshdesk also offers automation features such as workflows and canned responses to streamline processes.

For more information on these alternatives, please refer to their respective websites.

Hiver Review: Pros & Cons


  • Seamless integration with Google Workspace.
  • Comprehensive suite of tools catering to diverse operational needs.
  • Emphasis on collaboration and automation, reducing manual effort.


  • Might require a learning curve, especially for those not familiar with Google Workspace.
  • Pricing details not immediately available, requiring potential customers to reach out.


Hiver stands out as a formidable solution for teams and businesses looking to optimize their operations, especially those reliant on Google Workspace. With its expansive features, it promises efficiency, collaboration, and in-depth insights. If these are attributes you value, then Hiver might just be the tool you’ve been seeking. For more insights into SaaS products and reviews, don’t forget to check out my blog.


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