Ember In-Depth Review: Features, Pricing & Alternatives (2023 Updated)

Welcome to our in-depth review of Ember, the vacation home platform that’s revolutionizing the world of co-ownership. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, real estate enthusiast, or retiree looking for a part-time vacation haven, Ember offers a pioneering vacation home experience that emphasizes co-ownership. In this review, we’ll dive into Ember’s services, pricing models, and the benefits it offers. So, let’s get started and find out if Ember is the right fit for your vacation needs.

Ember Review: What is Ember?

Ember is not just another vacation home platform. It’s a pioneering vacation home experience company that emphasizes co-ownership. With Ember, you’re not just renting a vacation property; you’re partially owning it. The company delves deep into offering dream vacation homes through co-ownership and then ensures a hassle-free experience by managing all the intricate details. From buying the property, designing and furnishing it, to overseeing its management, Ember has got it covered.

Ember Review: How can it be used?

User Segments:

  • Vacationers: Enjoy a vacation home without the stress of full-time ownership.
  • Investors: Benefit from real estate appreciation without buying an entire property.
  • Casual Travellers: Experience luxurious stays for part of the year.


  • Choose the desired property and enter into a co-ownership agreement.
  • Use the property for 44+ nights a year.
  • Designate personal use nights and rent out the rest.
  • Swap weeks with other owners using Ember SmartDraft.
  • Resell ownership interests when desired.

Ember Review: Who is it for?

  • Frequent Vacationers: Those who often travel and want a fixed, luxurious spot. Ember's co-ownership model offers a stress-free way to have a luxurious vacation home without the full cost of ownership. Frequent vacationers can enjoy the comfort of a familiar home-away-from-home without worrying about managing the property.
  • Real Estate Enthusiasts: Individuals who are interested in real estate investments but do not want to invest in an entire property can benefit from Ember's co-ownership model. Co-ownership provides an opportunity to own a part of a luxurious vacation home at a fraction of the cost of sole ownership.
  • Families: Families who want a vacation spot without the management hassles can benefit from Ember's comprehensive management services. Ember manages all the intricate details of co-ownership, including buying the property, designing and furnishing it, and overseeing its management, providing a stress-free experience for families.
  • Retirees: Retirees seeking a part-time vacation haven can benefit from Ember's co-ownership model. With co-ownership, retirees can enjoy luxurious stays for part of the year without having to worry about the management of the property when they are not there.

Ember Features

  • Ownership Model:
    • Co-ownership opportunities for up to eight individuals.
    • 44+ nights of usage each year per 1/8th ownership.
    • Equal access guaranteed during peak times and holidays.
  • Flexibility:
    • Schedule up to six stays at once.
    • Book last minute or plan two years ahead.
    • Swap weeks with other owners as needed.
  • Reselling:
    • Resell ownership after all shares are sold or post 12 months of purchase.
    • Avoid typical closing costs, with Ember handling the sale.

Ember Pricing

For specific pricing structures or to understand the cost of co-ownership, it’s best to get in touch with Ember’s team. They’ll provide a comprehensive overview tailored to the property and location of interest.

Ember Alternatives

If Ember isn’t quite the right fit for your vacation needs, there are several other co-ownership and vacation home options available. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • Pacaso: A luxury vacation home co-ownership company that offers a range of properties across the United States. Similar to Ember, Pacaso allows co-owners to use the property for a set number of nights per year and offers management services to take care of the property when owners are away.
  • Equity Estates: A private equity fund that acquires and manages luxury vacation homes around the world. Unlike co-ownership models, Equity Estates offers an investment opportunity for those interested in real estate appreciation, as well as the ability to use the properties for vacation stays.
  • Luxury Fractional Guide: A comprehensive resource for those interested in fractional ownership of luxury properties. The website offers information on various types of fractional ownership, including co-ownership and private residence clubs, across a range of destinations worldwide.

Ember Review: Pros & Cons


  • Experience luxury properties without the full cost of ownership.
  • Flexibility to rent, use, or swap your property weeks.
  • Option to resell ownership interests.
  • Comprehensive management by Ember, ensuring a stress-free experience.
  • Appreciation benefits with property values.


  • Restricted to the availability and properties Ember offers.
  • Co-ownership might not suit everyone, especially those looking for spontaneous trips.


Ember stands out as a groundbreaking solution for those dreaming of owning a luxurious vacation home but without the exorbitant costs or management challenges. It combines the best of real estate investment, vacation rentals, and property management. If the idea of co-ownership resonates with you, Ember could very well be your passport to luxurious vacations. Before diving in, always evaluate your travel patterns, compare alternatives, and assess the financial implications.

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